How to join

If you are a NEW Arana Athlete …

Step 1: We strongly encourage all new athletes to take up our offer of a FREE two week trial. We are unable to refund registration fees once paid. So, please come along to any of our first night (you can trial any night) of competition, arrive by 5:30pm on Friday 2nd September at Leslie Patrick Park, Olearia Street West, Arana Hills. No uniform required, just bring your jogging shoes and a parent must remain with you at the ground.

Step 2: If you decide you would like to join, register online at RegistrationHQ. Members are strongly encouraged to pay online via Paypal or Credit Card, however if you are coming along for a trial there is no need to pre-register. If you decide to join you can register and pay online or by cash/cheque/Visa/Mastercard.

Step 3: Arrive a bit ealier on a Friday at the Equipment Shed, have your proof of age sighted and receive your registration packs. Cash payments can also be taken. 

If you are a RETURNING Arana Athlete …

Step 1: Register online at RegistrationHQ. Past members will not be required to show proof of age if you have already done so in a past season. Members are strongly encouraged to pay online via Paypal or Credit Card.

Step 2:  If you pay online via Paypal or Credit Card, then you can pick up your registration packs at one of the sign on sessions. We will have an express lane so you can avoid lining up for too long! If you do not wish to pay online, then you will need to attend one of our sign-on days to pay your registration fees via either cash/cheque/Visa/Mastercard (no EFTPOS facilities!) and receive your registration packs. 

Athletes must first register online prior to attending sign-on day.

Results will not be officially recorded unless the athlete has a current 2021/22 registration number attached to the front of their competition uniform. Please ensure that all past season registration numbers and age badges are removed.

Results will be recorded on the first night for registered athletes

  • Friday 2nd September. 

Registration Fees

Our registration fees for 2022//23 are:

  • Tiny Tots: $65
  • U6: $100
  • U7 to U17: $130
  • (capped at $350 per family)

plus refundable fundraising ($30) and family ($50) bonds. 

These fees include entry fees to Regional/State Relays and Regional/State Championships.

LAQ (Winter, Spring, Summer & Combined carnival) and other centre’s carnivals will incur additional fees.

There is also a compulsory uniform shirt that costs $32 each. Crop top/singlet options for U13 plus athletes only, are also available.

This shirt is not compulsory for Tiny Tots but you are welcome to buy one for your Tiny Tot.