High Jump Policy

Please refer to the attached file.


Check where to put everything on the UNIFORM here!


A reminder that all trialists will need to sign the sheet in the respective age group folders. If this will be your second trial please add the date to the trialist end date column.

Volunteer Bonds

A reminder that if you help out during the evening you need to sign the sheets in the Age Folders before you go home.

Centre Records

All field event records need to be verified by a member of the committee. If you think you have broken a centre record please ensure you obtain one of the committee immediately to verify the measure. All records need to be ratified at the next committee meeting before becoming official. Only registered athletes are eligible for centre records.

Friday Program Timing

5.00pm-5.30pm Please arrive early to help set up and have time for trialists to be signed in.
5.45pm Warm ups commence
6.00pm First events commence
8.30pm Expected finishing time for older age groups

Car Parking

The car park will fill up. Please be mindful of signage and driveways if parking on the streets The Old Boys (footy) will block off an area for their members. Please do not park in this area.

What to Wear/Bring

Footwear is compulsory for all athletes in all events. Spikes can only be worn by athletes in under 11 and over. Spikes must be removed after each event.
Bike pants/tights must not go over the knee and boys must wear shorts over the top of the pants.
Bring a jumper as it can get cool later in the evening.
Bring a water bottle (and remember to take home as well)

Wet Weather Procedures

In the event the evening needs to be cancelled due to the weather, a post will be put on the website and Facebook page. Unfortunately due to spam rules, a bulk email can\’t be sent out and reach everyone in a timely manner. We will aim to make the call as early as possible but will wait if there appears to be a chance we can go ahead.

Parent/Guardian Attendance

A reminder it is compulsory that a parent/guardian must be present all evening. This season random checks will be done and if an athlete is found not to have a parent/guardian present, they will not be allowed to participate until a parent/guardian returns.

Use of Equipment

No equipment is to be used unless participating in the official events. If any equipment is damaged by inappropriate use, PARENTS will be asked to cover the cost of repair/replacement. Please ensure you keep athletes away from the equipment (particularly high jump and throwing equipment).

Code of Conduct

Please refer to LAQ’s code of conduct which our centre fully endorses. 

Website Updates

Remember to keep an eye on our website for any important updates. Most will be posted under the news section.