Centre uniform consists of Club Shirt and plain black shorts (No stripes or logos) for boys and for girls – plain black bicycle pants (No stripes or logos).

Note: Shorts must be above the knee as the knee must be visible for walk events.

Athletes cannot compete in Intercentre or Association meetings unless wearing the correct uniform.

If an athlete is not wearing the correct uniform at Centre competition meetings then their name will be recorded. After three recordings, the athlete will not be able to compete until the correct uniform is worn.

Club Shirt

Arana Little Athletics Shirt with labels attached.

 Attaching Registration Number and Age Label:

  • Please hand stitch or pin registration number to shirt front just below chest line.
  • Please hand stitch vinyl age label on the left side sleeve.
  • Coles patch to be attached to right chest.

Note: You must hand sew registration number and vinyl age label as material may pull if using a sewing machine.


The age label is to be affixed, in the case of a crop top or singlet, on the left side of the shorts or similar